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Please be aware that Havasu Canyon is a fragile environment and is subject to flash floods. Some areas in the canyon are OFF-LIMITS to visitors due to continuing repair work or unstable ground condition. Immediate closure of the canyon is possible at any given time during your visit. Visitors to Havasu Canyon assume all risks while in the canyon and should come prepared.

Lodging and camping facilities are available. Please be advised that fees are subject to changes and is final only on arrival. Please contact the Havasupai Tourist Office at 928 448 2121/2141/2180 for entry and camping permits or email and the Havasupai Lodge at 928 448 2111/2101 for lodge reservation or email The Havasupai Tourist Office and the Havasupai Lodge can make arrangement for packing mules service.

Havasupai Cafe (limited service) and Havasupai Trading Post is open for business. Food and beverages including fresh fruits and frozen entrees are available at the Havasupai Trading Post. Microwave ovens are available for patrons use. Group catering is also available. Please contact the Havasupai Trading Post at 928 448 2951 or email

Visitors who wish to utilize helicopter services, please contact Airwest Helicopters at 623 516 2790.


General Contact

Havasupai Tribe
P. O. Box 10
Supai, Arizona 86435
Tel: 928 448 2731
Fax: 928 448 2551

Tribal Administration Contact

Mailing Address:

P. O. Box 10

Supai. Arizona 86435

Administration and Support:

Administration Office

Tel:928 448 2731

Fax:928 448 2551




Grants and

Accounting Fax: 928 448 2881

Facilities & Maintenance

Tel:928 448 2070 Fax:928 448 2169


Tel: 928 448 2159 Fax:928 448 2169

Human Resources & Personnel Review Board

Tel:928 448 2164 Fax:928 448 2130

Solid Waste

Tel:928 448 2161

Computer Technology Center

Tel:928 448 2129

Information Technology & Communication

Tel:928 448 2126

Computer Support

Tribal Court

Tel:928 448 2701 Fax:928 448 2232

Programs and Services:

Elderly Program

Tel: 928 448 2346

Community Health Representative

Tel:928 448 2127

Social Services

Tel:928 448 2142

ICWA Program

Tel:928 448 2661

Diabetes Program

Tel:928 448 2152

Havasupai Headstart

Tel:928 448 2821 Fax:928 448 2341

WIC Program

Tel:928 448 2345

Natural Resources

Tel:928 448 2271

Cultural Resources

Tel:928 448 2271

Environmental Services

Tel:928 448 2239 Fax:928 448 2327


Tel:928 448 2217


Tel:928 448 2235

Havasu Canyon Recovery Project

Tel:928 448 2239

Other Local Contact:

Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement Services Tel:928 448 2891

Bureau of Indian Education "Supai Elementary School" Tel:928 448 2071

Indian Health Service "Supai Clinic" Tel:928 448 2641


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