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Please be aware that Havasu Canyon is a fragile environment and is subject to flash floods. Some areas in the canyon are OFF-LIMITS to visitors due to continuing repair work or unstable ground condition. Immediate closure of the canyon is possible at any given time during your visit. Visitors to Havasu Canyon assume all risks while in the canyon and should come prepared.

Lodging and camping facilities are available. Please be advised that fees are subject to changes and is final only on arrival. Please contact the Havasupai Tourist Office at 928 448 2121/2141/2180 for entry and camping permits or email and the Havasupai Lodge at 928 448 2111/2101 for lodge reservation or email The Havasupai Tourist Office and the Havasupai Lodge can make arrangement for packing mules service.

Havasupai Cafe (limited service) and Havasupai Trading Post is open for business. Food and beverages including fresh fruits and frozen entrees are available at the Havasupai Trading Post. Microwave ovens are available for patrons use. Group catering is also available. Please contact the Havasupai Trading Post at 928 448 2951 or email

Visitors who wish to utilize helicopter services, please contact Airwest Helicopters at 623 516 2790.


Reservation Economy

The Havasupai Reservation is largely dependent on tourism as the primary revenue generator of the Havasupai Tribe and individual tribal members. Each year, over 20,000 visitors hike, ride horses, or fly by helicopter the last 8 miles into the canyon where the Havasupai Indians live. Tourists from around the world come to Havasupai to see this remote Indian village tucked away in the Grand Canyon, to see the last U.S. mail mule train in the country, to see the turquoise blue water and travertine pools of Cateract Creek, and to see the beauty of Navajo, Havasu and Mooney Waterfalls, and to camp, swim and play in this unbelievable setting.

Along with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and the Indian Health Service (IHS), the Havasupai Tribe is a primary source of employment for the Havasupai tribal members. Tourism provides revenues for the Havasupai Reservation and the Havasupai Tribe is actively engaged in the tourism business. There are also small businesses owned and operated by tribal members. Some tribal members engaged part-time in micro-business activities such as the production and selling of arts and crafts to visitors.

Tribal Enterprises

The Havasupai has four tribal enterprises: Havasupai Tourism, Havasupai Lodge, Havasupai Café, and Havasupai Trading Post. The four tribal enterprises are primary generators of revenue for the Havasupai Tribe and its members.

The tribe owns and manages the 24-room Havasupai Lodge. The nearest lodging facility is 75 miles away in Peach Springs.

Contact Information:
Tel:   928 448 2111   or 928 448 2201
Email: lodge@havasupai-nsn-gov

The Havasupai Tribal Cafe is the only restaurant on the reservation. It provides a very basic menu to community members and visitors. The Havasupai Tribal Café provides refreshments and food selections to tourists and residents. The Tribe plans to expand the facility to allow placement of additional services and to accommodate more patrons.

Contact Information:
Tel: 928 448 2981

The Havasupai Trading Post and General Store provides the only source of groceries and basic supplies to tribal members and visitors on the reservation. The nearest supermarkets are located in Kingman and Flagstaff. The Havasupai Trading Post provides limited but necessary grocery and merchandise choices.

Contact Information:
Tel: 928 448 2951

The Havasupai Tourism Enterprise manages and operates tourism related activities including guided and unguided tours, a 200-person campground near Havasu Falls and a horse packing business in which tribal members serve as guides and provide saddle and pack horses that carry goods and visitors in and out of the canyon. The Tribal Packer’s Enterprise accepts reservations from tourists and schedules various tribal members to provide horses and guide services to those visitors.

Contact Information:
Tel:   928 448 2121   928 448 2141   928 448 2174

These tribal businesses generate revenues essential to employment and income to the Tribe.


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